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Banners - One of the advertising means we work with as part of our CPC model are banners. We have three banner sizes and four locations that drive over 2 billion worldwide impressions daily. Please read the Advertiser Policy to learn more on what your banners should look like and what they should not contain.


As part of our CPM model, we work with pop unders. Clients can use our full page pop under to target only the users they want. Our advanced filtering system is the answer for ensuring that users who are directed to your site fit the specifications of your product For more detail, please read our Advertiser Policy.


TrafficFactory features Contextual advertising, meaning that ads are correlated to the content on the page the user is viewing. This allows advertisers to target their products and services to those users with complementary interests, thereby maximizing conversions.

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TrafficFactory’s Bid-for-Performance platform allows advertisers to target millions of web, mobile, and tablet users.

Real- time bidding allows advertisers to control both the price they pay for traffic and the total amount of traffic their site(s) attract.

To further enhance the advertiser's control, we offer the ability to add a daily maximum spend and a total maximum spend per campaign.

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Geo-Targeting - TrafficFactory generates over two Billion ad impressions worldwide daily.

With only four banner locations and one pop under, we are able to generate the highest quality traffic on the internet today.

Due to this high volume of top-tier traffic, it is necessary to distinguish traffic by geo-location, giving advertisers the opportunity to target only the traffic that’s best for them.

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We offer advertisers the capability to choose from an assortment of potential channels, ensuring advertisers work through the most relevant channels for their given product/service, meeting the specific needs for their business.

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Our users come from all over the world, so it's only natural that we came up with dayparting, a feature that allows you to set the start time and end time of your advertising campaigns each day! This advanced targeting feature allows advertisers to determine the parameters of their campaign, and increases the likelihood of advertisers getting the best traffic suited for their needs, during the optimal hours they want.

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TrafficFactory’s Self Managing Platform allows clients to login and view the real-time statistics for their ad campaign. These stats are available hourly, daily, monthly, by campaign, by banner, and in CSV format. Multiple language and time zone support allows you to customize your account, making it easier for everyone in your company to manage your campaigns.

Programatic Advertsing


Here at TrafficFactory, we understand that advertising interests vary region by region. We’ve developed the most accurate geo-targeting tools to enable advertisers to target by country and region. Our clients benefit for setting filters based on our proprietary method of IP targeting.


The Internet has grown exponentially over the last several decades, and in just the last several years, we’ve seen an explosion of people all across the globe accessing the Internet through their mobile devices, and relying more and more on the use of their smart phones and tablets for their internet activity. TrafficFactory’s programmatic engine makes it possible for advertising clients to target and track traffic via myriad devices: desktop, tablet and mobile.


One of TrafficFactory’s specialized filters is Dayparting, which allows advertisers to determine the best times to display ads to their targeted users. Even better - advertisers can calibrate this filter according to their chosen time zone - they do not have to spend time trying to calculate Dayparting from our servers time zone. This means advertisers products and services are targeting in terms of country, user, and optimal time of day.


TrafficFactory’s programmers have developed a revolutionary system that truly allows advertisers to set specific spend limits, and then stay within those limits. You determine how much to spend per campaign, ad, or total in one day, and our unique technology is able to recognize that limit, and start to “put on the brakes” before it approaches - not after it has passed. Our advertisers can be confident that with TrafficFactory, they will not exceed their predetermined spend limits.