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This guide will help you to upload your banners according to the rules in our network. All the rules are based on the users’ experience on the publishers we manage the advertising.

Link the banners to the campaigns, and they will be pending for review.

Unless banners are linked to campaigns they will not be reviewed and thus your campaigns will not start.

Please note that your banners will always be reviewed before going live.


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Poor Quality
/Display Bug

  • Banner with pixeled image or poor quality for desktop
  • Display bug (interruption lines)
  • Unclear images for users

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Make sure you always own the rights to use the content you use for banners, otherwise your account can be suspended, even cancelled.

  • Copyright infringement Image/Model: we have our internal database of copyrighted images that shouldn't be used in our network
  • Copyright infringement Watermark: Banners with watermark from another advertiser will be rejected
  • Privacy infringement
  • Banners Promoting other tubes

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Banner Animation

Animation considered disturbing for users will be rejected.

  • Camera flash or light effect
  • Animated banner frames
  • Flashy (neon) colors
  • Moving of frame of the image itself in the banner (as if the camera is moving)
  • When it seems as if the camera in the image is moving
  • Flashing banners
  • Deceiving animation for banners
  • Sudden Loop back
  • Speed of animation
  • Time between the frames change or speed of the text animation is over one second

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/Play Button

  • Play button, for square banners
  • The use of the words download, play, save, transfer, watch and install, without any image
  • Banners with “DOWNLOAD” button should be linked to only mobile campaigns
  • Loading sign

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We don’t accept banners contain words that involve or imply paid sex: brothel and all its synonyms. (Unless for countries where prostitution is a legal activity)

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We do not allow the mention of any sort of illegal drugs in the banners.

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  • People/cartoon characters seem to be underage
  • Portrait of people under 18 in our network

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Image content

  • Celebrity
  • Animal (zoophilia)
  • Feces
  • Syringe
  • Phone number, QR code, communication app ID (LINE, KakaoTalk, Skype and similar) contacts
  • Fake X, Minimize or Maximize buttons
  • Gay/Shemale - can only target gay or shemale categories.

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  • Product that doesn't match with the campaign
  • Other brand different than your offer shown in the banners
  • Pagination in the image content

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PC Protection

We do not allow PC protection software in our network or tech support or user threatening banners.

Note that all banner rules can change without previous notice.

For any questions, please contact your account manager.