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Reach millions of users

Our network connects you with millions of unique visitors, including many that you won’t find anywhere else.


We are an ad agency that specializes in premium quality traffic from all over the world. Our unique filtering system allows us to sell traffic at a granular level, helping to increase conversions and allowing advertisers to display their campaigns to the users most likely to convert for them. We can increase the value proposition to the end user by targeting their country, device, and category with relevant products. The TrafficFactory network generates Billions of ad impressions daily. The sheer size of the TrafficFactory network allows advertisers to target users from all over the world. With a mix of desktop, mobile phone, tablet, and feature phone traffic, users connect to TrafficFactory’s network in many ways and it is all available to be targeted

TrafficFactory offers two high conversion solutions for your online advertising campaigns:

Cost per click (CPC)

Cost per Mille (CPM)

Our INNOVATIVE REAL TIME BIDDING SYSTEM allows advertisers to bid for placement with several banner locations (sold via CPC) and one very lucrative pop under zone (sold via CPM)

Ad Units

TrafficFactory has a number of mobile and desktop specific zones to choose from. Our smart banner sizing technology allows the advertiser to upload and use the same banner size across multiple zone types. That means no duplication of work for the advertiser when trying to target mobile, tablet, and web users. Our unique ad distribution system allows advertisers to target users in a many ways. Each campaign can have multiple country targets allowing the advertiser to manage their bids so that they can reach optimal ROI goals.

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Pop Under Campaigns

The pop under is displayed based on the user’s action. When a user clicks play on a video, the pop under is triggered. We display the pop unders once per 24 hours to each user in our system. This means that by default, our pop under frequency cap is 1:24. This highly competitive zone in our network is great for branding!

Banner Campaigns

Each banner zone has been carefully selected for our network. While each zone needs it’s own campaign, the banner sizes are shared between some of the zones making banner management easier. TrafficFactory allows advertisers to target Geos, devices, and categories, increasing the ROI for our clients.

Geo target allows for each campaign’s target to Geographically focus on countries or regions and states. Users will interact with a product page differently based on the site they are on. Our device target is the best way to focus on the user type that will help you achieve expected conversions. Our category targeting is a great way to focus products based on the page the user is on. By matching the campaigns with the context of the page, we help to match the interest of the user with the ad that is being displayed. Each display uses the CPC advertising model which guarantees that you get the click you pay for. We have a click cap 1:24, which means that even if a unique user clicks on your banner several times in 24 hours, we will charge you for the first click only.

banner skyscraper


This size is used for our tower ads which run on the right hand side of the index pages and are placed above the fold for better visibility. The tower zone is a desktop only zone.

banner leaderboard


This creative can be used for both the footer and header zones. The footer is used in both mobile and desktop campaigns. The header targets mobile users only.

banner rectangle


Commonly referred to as Next to video sizes, our Rectangle is the most popular zone in our network. It is located next to the video on the desktop video pages and in the player on the mobile phone in the video pages.

TrafficFactory is able to target users that are more likely to convert for your advertising campaigns

As an advertiser, you will have access to the highest converting traffic on the web. Creating and managing a campaign is simple with our banner organizer. There are 3 sizes to choose from, and when you access the site, it is displayed correctly for the size of the user’s device. This is truly a one size fits all solution. TrafficFactory’s proprietary campaign positioning system gives you a numeric gauge whereby you can judge where your campaign is relative to the top positioned campaign for each target. TrafficFactory is able to target users that are more likely to convert for your advertising campaigns. Our success relies heavily on our advertisers’ success. We work with our advertisers to make sure that we are serving up the most valuable traffic possible. We want to help advertisers grow!


The TrafficFactory network generates billions of ad impressions daily and we allow our clients to target the device that works best for them. Desktop, mobile, tablet, and feature phone (old internet-capable phones produced before smartphones) traffic can all have their own unique user patterns. Our cutting edge filtering system allows advertiser to filter traffic by each device.

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A form of contextual targeting, we match the category chosen in the campaign’s target with the context of the page. If you have a niche product that will only be of interest to a specific set of users in our network, targeting categories is the perfect way to filter out users who will most likely not convert for you.

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Increase your reach & conversions

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High performance targeting

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Many channels to choose from

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Decide when your campaign starts and ends

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Customizable platform

Start your advertising campaigns today!

  • Once your account is activated you’ll be able to use our self service platform to make deposit and create campaigns.
  • You will have 100% control over your campaigns total spend. Each campaign can be controlled with a daily max spending cap, life max spending cap, and time of day you wish for the campaign to run.
  • After you submit your campaigns, create a target, and link your banners our review team will review your campaign. Once approved your campaign will be ready to receive traffic.

Main Rules & Information

  1. All ad content must be legal for the country it is being advertised in
  2. Banners for display zones and Pop under creatives will go through a review process. All traffic from TrafficFactory is 100% adult based traffic
  3. Traffic bids vary depending on the country and the target’s competition
  4. No Audio in any creatives
  5. We do not accept other tube sites
  6. All images that portray underage individuals will be refused

Banner Rules

  • Acceptable banner formats: .jpg .gif .png
  • Banners should not exceed 1024 KB per ad
  • Banner effects deemed to be disturbing to the user are subject to rejection
  • Banners approval is at our discretion

Pop Under Rules

  • NO exit confirmations (such as: Are you sure you want to leave this page?)
  • No automatic sound and video, these should only start when the users hits the “play” button
  • Page resizing is not acceptable
  • No additional pops

Contact us

Contact us for further information or to chat about how we can work together, we look forward to helping you succeed!

features icon Download PDF version here