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TrafficFactory is a global provider of high quality traffic. We’ve harnessed the most up-to-date, accurate Geo-targeting technology , and combined with our Real-Time Bidding model, our clients get the high quality traffic they deserve at a price they can feel good about. We employ some of the most advanced filters in the industry, allowing our clients to target global location AND user behavior across a variety of devices. The result? The money our clients spend yields relevant, tailored traffic with a high rate of conversion.

While our clients benefit from our expertise in acquiring top-quality traffic around the net, we never want to take the reins away from our clients, and so we make sure that they not only reap the benefits of our complex, state-of-the art programmatic engine, but that they can also access and determine the best use of their advertising campaign. We have developed a Self- Managing Platform for our clients, enabling our clients to maintain control of their advertising needs and budget. Here, advertisers can login and setup when they want their ads to run, how long they want them to run, upload banners, change bids, change targets – and see the effects of those decisions and changes within minutes!!

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TrafficFactory has built a extensive network of traffic that is unique to the industry and that no other competitor can offer. With millions of users accessing our websites daily, our advertising clients benefit from our wide-ranging network, and our comprehensive targeting technology will connect them with the ideal traffic! Our advertisers will not only see an increase in traffic, but will have an unparalleled choice of traffic to choose from to best increase the commercial potential of their products and services.

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Knowing where a user is located and the user’s behavior profile are the foundation of successful internet advertising. At TrafficFactory, we have developed and honed our abilities to provide our advertising clients with traffic in real time. Our servers can deploy advertisements all across the globe at incredibly fast rates. Our tech team has the knowledge and experience to keep up on continually developing targeting strategies. We are an industry leader in creating, maintaining, and upgrading our targeting capabilities, and our clients benefit from this expertise in an increase in high-converting traffic. We can also target across a range of devices, from phones to tablets to desktops. Our advertising clients can select the category(s) most befitting them, and our advanced filters will deliver traffic optimized for the advertiser’s success.

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It’s the age of the on-the-go internet user - more and more, users are accessing content and making purchases via their smart phones and tablets. In addition to continually developing our Geo and User Profile targeting filters, we have also continually refined a more elaborate ability to target mobile devices, further optimizing our advertisers’ investments. That’s right – TrafficFactory gives advertisers the ability to target users by device, whether it be an iPhone, iPad, Android, or other mobile platform, to ensure advertiser’s brands stay visible and connected to users, even when they’re on the move. By leveraging TrafficFactory’s access to mobile traffic, our advertisers will get a boost in their campaigns through our state-of-the-art mobile targeting technology.