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Why us

TrafficFactory generates traffic from all over the world. We serve up over one billion ad impressions daily, via Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile devices. We make it easy for advertisers to target users in our system: upload one banner size per zone, and we will re-size it for optimal display according to the platform and device used to view our sites.

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Banners - One of the advertising means we work with, are banners. We have three sizes and four locations that drive over one billion worldwide impressions daily. They’re part of our CPC model. Please read the Advertisers Policy to learn more on what your banners should look like and what they should not contain.

Pop Unders - We work with pop unders in our CPM model. Use our full page pop under to target users from all over the globe. Your pop under campaign can filter users based on our proprietary IP targeted countries they are from. You can take user targeting one step further and filter the category they are interested in. For more detail, please read our Advertisers Policy.

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Mobile Advertising - We offer advertisers the possibility to choose the device they want to target, and because we live in the era of smartphones, tablets, and on-the-go technology, you can buy traffic from our mobile users.

Desktop Advertising - Desktop remains the most used device for accessing the internet throughout the world. Reach out to millions of Desktop users and start buying traffic now!

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The Internet has grown fast over the last several decades and in the last several years has seen an explosion of people accessing the Internet and relying more and more on the use of smart phones and tablets for their daily lives all across the world.

Here at Traffic Factory we understand that there is a need to target each user differently. Set up your campaigns to target only the users you want. Our advanced filtering system is the answer for insuring that users who are directed to your site fit the specifications of your product.

We use a Real-Time Bidding model to deliver both display and pop under ads and have customized our engine to be flexible for the many different types of advertising companies that work with us. Our Real-Time Bidding model is also a self-service engine, which means you will be able to upload your banners, create your campaigns, adjust your bids, research potential targets, and analyze your reports on demand.


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