“How you present yourself, is how people first view you. What are you showcasing?”


– Mama Zara –

Ok, so this can be a little fickle on a personal or physical value but unfortunately for many – first impressions truly count.

This is no different when promoting or “showcasing” your campaign or promotion. Effective and compelling first impressions can be the “door-opener” for even the most terrible of products.

At Traffic Factory, our years of experience within the advertising realm have taught us many lessons with millions of campaigns having been promoted via our network. The strength of a banner is paramount as is the setup of an advertiser’s campaign in order to attract the exact audience they are to target. But we, as a Premium Advertising Network, can only do so much. 

We can bring the horse to water but we can’t force it to drink !

As an advertiser, it is up to you to then maintain the attraction of the audience. Being promised a sirloin steak to then be served up a budget- 50% fat burger patty will not help. 


The first port of call for the audience will be the LANDING PAGE of your website or promotion. Remember, first impressions count!


Here are our 5 Tips of what to avoid on your landing pages and give yourself every chance possible to gain the clients trust.

Test your URL/ Landing Page – To many, this may seem logical. But if we are pointing this out as our 1st point to avoid – trust us when we say that many advertisers do not test their URL! You work so hard for that hard earned click and then face your target audience with an Error 404 screen. The trust has gone and you can forget all about it.

Is your Landing Page true to your Creative? – How many landing pages have we visited that have absolutely nothing to do with the image/ information given in the banner? Tonnes! No one likes to feel conned and any smell of foul-play will lead to a lack of trust and an automatic click of the “Red-Cross” on the browser window. Make sure to resize your images or videos to minimise load times – no one likes to wait in the 21st century!

Does your Landing Page look Professional? – Now, do not get us wrong. Not everyone has the budget to make a high-spec, user-interactive website. But there are so many solutions available. If you truly believe in your promotion then is it not worth spending that little extra and get a pro aboard to help? Users are more and more aware of what a reputable website looks and feels like. Give yourself every chance possible and make sure you gain their trust by presenting your promotion well. 

Declutter, Too Much is Overkill – There is nothing worse than a user being greeted by a landing page with too much information, CTA buttons or flashing visuals! Perspective clients want information in a clear and precise manner. Through a structured informative build, gain and maintain their interest and present your CTA form/ button once the information has been digested. Communicate the purpose of your product/ promotion. Keep it simple, factual and subject specific! Stock images are a decent choice BUT nothing beats real original imagery of your product/ company/ promotion. When possible, use original imagery and stay as far away as possible from stock images – this can be the difference between gaining and losing trust in an instant.

Keep it Simple, Guide the User – Focus on the goal; focalise your audience on the goal! Your landing page needs to reiterate the main purpose and goal of your promotion. Guide them gently with minimal yet informative information. This should be through a systematic flow of information which ultimately leads them to a point of sign-up, to a sign-up form or a distinct CTA click – gain their confidence and do not bombard. Our most successful advertisers are seasoned at this, offer a “sample” taste of their product on their landing page to gain further interest and then present the possible options. 

Give yourself every possible chance to convert! All that hard work in setting up your advertising campaign, the inspirational process behind your banner creatives and the precise targeting of your target audience will all be for nothing if your landing page bombs !

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