Every start to a new year brings new and fresh opportunities and this year is even more appropriate with it being the start of a new decade.

To continue in our series of monthly Ad Spot Opportunities, this month we have closely monitored the aftermath of the end of year festive period and determined the current opportunities available on the Traffic Factory Premium network.


What is a Spot Opportunity?

To those less accustomed or new to our blog, let us explain what we mean by “Ad Spot Opportunity”.

Traffic Factory’s definition is an ad spot which potentially receives vast levels of traffic but currently has the least amount of competition. This is a combination of several factors – country, device and ad spot.

Each ad spot has a minimum bid price but the amount that you bid determines the position you obtain. Based on the principles of supply and demand, fluctuations in pricing differ due to the level of competition between advertisers for an ad spot.


Current Traffic Factory Spot Opportunities

  • Italy native
  • Russie square
  • Brazil pre roll
  • India square
  • Japan Pre roll


ITALY currently offers advertisers an excellent opportunity with the native ad spot. The NATIVE ad spot was introduced early in 2019 and has continuously grown to become an advertisers “go-to” spot. Current competition is low so you’ll be a fool not to take advantage of the increased traffic Italy is currently obtaining.


The SQUARE ad spot has always been an advertiser’s favourite due to its prominent positioning right besides viewed video content on our publishers’ websites. RUSSIA is immense and has consistently grown from month to month in traffic overview. Get those promotions ready but make sure to tailor your banners to that particular market (Language, Landing Page, etc)


INDIA also has a vast opportunity for the SQUARE ad spot. Financially, the price point is excellent for an advertiser and the volume of traffic driven from India is within the top 4 countries for our network.


BRAZIL needs no introduction, the volume of traffic is unbelievably huge. The PRE-ROLL is a guaranteed ad spot to showcase your promotion due to the sheer views available. But make sure that your videos are tailored to the market again. Take advantage now.


JAPAN has again rapidly grown since 2018 and the current PRE-ROLL competition is surprisingly less competitive than the network is accustomed to. Why is this? Simple; banners and video ads really need to be specific for Japan. There is no point in targeting Japan with a traditional English based video or banner. Do your research and deploy the maximum to create that desire for a user to click on your promotion. Once you have clocked that, the possibilities are endless with the Japanese market – mark our words!


Are you looking for a particular geo and a particular ad spot? Or do you want further information to gain an insight into the possibilities of running a campaign in a particular country? Make the most of the knowledge held by our WORLDWIDE Account Managers and be sure to reach out to them to get that advantage over the competition.

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