Language Targeting

Language targeting
In order to increase the CTR of your ads, we’ve added a new language targeting function for advertising slogans. You are now able to write advertising slogans in multiple languages.

This new function applies for the following content:

1. Native ads

  • Title
  • Channel/brand/product name

2. Pre-roll Video ads

  • Alternative domain name
language targeting

Our system will now display, by priority, the corresponding ad slogan to visitors who speak the same language, based on their browser language setting.

For example –
If a campaign targeting the United States is set in two languages: English and Spanish
  • Visitors whose browser language is English, will see the ad slogans written in English first;
  • Visitors whose browser language is Spanish, will see the ad slogans written in Spanish first;


Currently, on the page where the Native/Pre-roll creative is uploaded, you will find:

  • On the left side of the page, you are able to add or delete a language category;
  • On the right side of the page, you are able to write your ad slogan content in different languages.



Please refer to the following examples of multilingual countries and create a few test campaigns:

  • United States: English + Spanish
  • Canada: English + French
  • Switzerland: French + German + Italian
  • Belgium: French + Dutch + German
  • Singapore: English + Chinese


Finally, please don’t forget, you can also set multi-language targeting for these types of banners:

  • 300×100 Mobile Rectangle
  • 338×235 Square          
  • 928×244 Horizontal


Please contact your account manager if you have any questions regarding this new feature or any other questions about your campaigns & our platform. 

Tips & Tricks – How to choose your Spot

traffic factory - How to choose your spot
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With the array of different ad spots available at Traffic Factory, we are often asked by new clients which spots we recommend for their initial campaigns. The aim of this article is to expose the different spots available on our network as well as their significance in your campaigns.

Different Ad Spots

As a quick recap, below are the current ad spots available on a selection of devices at Traffic Factory.

Each device has its particular ad spots due to page formats and display.

The criteria to take into account are :

  • The device you are looking to target
  • The volume of exposure you are looking to achieve
  • The bidding model you are looking to use
  • The goal of your campaign

Different Ad Spots for Different Devices Targeted

Choosing the right model for the device you are targeting is paramount. If targeting smartphones, the ad spots available will be both Header and Footer banners, pre-roll & native ads. Make sure not to prepare a Square banner for a mobile campaign as the banner format will not be accepted.

Desktop and tablet devices have a greater range of spots available that are highly visible, but does your audience use desktop devices more than smartphones? Knowing your audience and their device preferences is paramount in your initial choice of ad type. Please do not forget that you need to try different ad spots because sometimes you can be surprised by the results. It’s not because your offer is not working with one specific ad spot that it will not work with another one?

The Volume of Exposure you’re Expecting

Are you looking for precise and set targeted clicks from your target audience or are you looking to drive high volumes of traffic to your landing page to improve / increase your visibility / branding?

Ad spots such as Mobile Header, Pre-Roll and Native banners are renowned to produce high CTR whereas horizontal banners traditionally receive less clicks due to their position (but can be very good for conversions too) 

The Bidding Model that is being Used

Not all ad spots can use either bidding models (CPC or CPM) so please bear this in mind to avoid disappointment. Examples are that Pre-Roll and Pop-Under are strictly only CPM based so if you are wanting a CPC based campaign, these two spots are unavailable.

It is also important to take CTR into account as certain spots such as native banners are known for their high CTR. Make sure to calculate the CPC in comparison to the CPM for ad spots such as native. If you want to bid with CPC, please note that you have to be patient to see the result compared to a CPM campaign. Banners for CPC campaigns go through a Casting process in the initial days of the campaign. This is to allow the system to determine an eCPM value needed for equal competition between CPC and CPM campaigns. If you want to have direct results we advise you to choose CPM campaigns.

You can try both CPC and CPM and see which works better for your offer (But keep in mind the casting period for CPC campaigns)

The Goal of your Campaign

You need to determine the goal of your campaign. Are you looking for cheap investment or are you more interested in branding and high volumes of traffic ? Without this information, it will be hard to determine your correct spot. What kind of offer do you have? Are you looking for conversions?

If you were looking to promote vastly and in a short time period a certain promotion, high CTR and visible spots such as Pre-Roll, Native and Mobile Header are highly suggested due to their effectiveness.

Tips & Tricks

  • Know your audience and their habits ! Take into account the ad spots available for the devices that you are looking to target. Are your audience more mobile based than desktop ? Would a mobile header banner be more effective to your campaign than a desktop square spot ?
  • Determine the volume of traffic you are looking to achieve and your budget. Pop-Unders and square banners predominantly attain high CTR but will your landing page cope with the traffic and will your budget be sufficient ?
  • Taking budget into account, will you be looking for qualified clicks via a CPC system or are you looking for volume of impressions using a CPM bid ? Pre-Roll and Pop-Under spots are CPM based and generate high volumes of impressions so can your budget take such a campaign? Native banner spots are renowned for a high CTR so it will be up to you to determine whether it will be more cost effective to use a CPM basis here or stick to CPC.
  • Determine the goal of your campaign ! Are you needing to promote over a short period of time but looking for high volumes ? If so, you’ll be better going with Pop-Under style campaigns. But if you are looking for qualified clicks with no timescale in mind, other banner spots such as square, horizontal and header/ footer banners may be more suitable.
  • The importance of testing is not to be taken lightly. We advise you to test different ad spots, both on CPC and CPM bidding models but also to test different positions. We automatically assume that the top position will be the best but different positions can work differently for a variety of promotions and budgets.
  • Regularly contact your Account Manager, they are there to help and advise you. Whether it be for bidding or to help analyse the results of your campaigns, they’ll be able to inform you where to improve or modify your campaigns.
  • Do not underestimate certain spots or devices! For example, if you target desktops, we advise you to try tablet devices too as you could be happily surprised by the results!

How to optimize traffic volume of CPM campaigns

traffic factory - platform
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One of online advertising’s most debated topics is without doubt regarding what % a typical campaign conversion rate stands at (Apparently, most professionals agree that 1-3% is standard)

If we then take into account Marketing Sherpa announcing that “74% of conversion rate optimization programs increase sales”, the need to make use of specific tools in advertising campaigns to best optimize traffic volume is more than apparent.

Want to optimize your traffic volume and increase that ROI ? Here at TrafficFactory, we have compiled a selection of tips in order to make use of several features available that are sure to help.

Display Rate [only available with CPM]

FACT: The average internet user is served more than 1700 banner ads per month (Source : Comscore)

When we talk about DISPLAY RATE, we are referring to the frequency of distribution between several banners within a set campaign. This frequency is displayed as a ratio with different percentages being allocated to different banners.

Upon setting up your campaign at Traffic Factory, and uploading a variety of banners, a display rate tool is available. This is to allow you to allocate what ratio of views each banner will receive.

For example :

You have 4 banners for your campaigns

Unless you set specific display rates, our system will automatically allocate an equal percentage of traffic to each banner

Banner 1= 25%, Banner 2= 25%, Banner 3= 25% & Banner 4= 25%

Making use of your real-time stats available will show you which banners appear to be working better than others. You can then change the display rate for each banner to be more effective to the wellbeing of your campaign.

Banner 1= 20%, Banner 2= 15%, Banner 3= 40% & Banner 4= 25%

Re-Impression Tool [only available with CPM]

Has your campaign been gaining a good volume of traffic but then there is a sudden drop and the volume has not been fully optimized? If you’ve got a good thing going, why stop ?

As it’s name states, the Re-Impression Tool pretty much allows you to continue with a campaign once its initial run has ended. Additionally, running a CPM based campaign will allow you to use the reimpression tool to increase your volume of traffic and at a preferential rate!

By default, a CPM campaign will receive 1 impression per campaign, per unique user and per session (default session / frequency cap is 8H). By using our re-impression tool, you can decide to redisplay your campaign controlling the volume of re-impression and price. CPM campaigns are re-displayed with or without limitation (upon your choice) and are ranked based on your CPM.

Make use of the Re-Impression Tool, save yourself the hassle of verifying the start and stop times for individual campaigns. Maximize a good and strong campaign that continues to reap you profit!

Frequency Cap [only available with CPM]

FACT: Once a digital banner ad reaches the same user 40 times or + in a month, sales can actually decline (Source : The Advertising Research Foundation)

Getting straight to the subject, is your campaign visible enough on a regular basis? Do you need to make a change to its frequency so that it is viewed more often?

When you set your campaign parameters, a frequency cap option is made available to use. This option dictates how regularly your campaign will be displayed. It should be noted that if you do not make any adjustments to this option, our system will automatically set the frequency to every 8 hours.

How Frequency Cap works:

We will presume that there are two campaigns; Campaign X set at 8h cap and Campaign Y set at 12hrs. cap.

Both campaigns are totally independent of each other.

Campaign X will be re-displayed following the initial 8 hours. This is due to the fact that the maximum bid amount will have come back to its maximum following this initial time period. It’s maximum bid will be higher than that of Campaign Y which is set to return to it’s maximum bid after 12 hours.

It will be important to adjust this option accordingly as you may need to reduce the time set between displays thus optimizing your traffic.

New F.A.Q & Tutorials Page at Traffic

With the eve of the New Year readily approaching, we often take the time to reflect on the past, evaluate what needs improving and what needs changing for the forthcoming year.

We are no different here at Traffic Factory. 

The importance of our user’s feedback and the constant need to maintain and improve has led us to implement certain changes to our platform to best aid our clients’ experience.

To bring 2019 in with style, we are proud to introduce our brand new FAQ and Tutorial sections aimed to enhance and facilitate our users’ TrafficFactory experience.

All the eventual FAQ, that we are often asked, are present and covered enabling our clients to get those precise answers in next to no time.

Traffic Factory continuously strives to tailor and enhance its multitude of campaign features allowing our users to optimize every single campaign to the very last detail.

Like with all new and fresh features, it is equally important to have the relevant information close to hand in order to inform and demonstrate how to make use of such changes.

Our improved and easy to access Tutorials have been designed to maximise our clients’ campaign(s) potential via the use of the easy to follow and execute format.

We sincerely hope that the implementation of these new website additions will enhance our clients’ experience and enable an easy and comprehensible step by step method to our performance features.

Get those answers and follow the step by step tutorials here!

“You’ve dreamed about secured flat rate deals?”

If Christmas is the time for giving, it looks to have come early at Traffic Factory. The strength of our platform has always been the fact that it is a self-serve format allowing you to have full control of your campaigns and their parameters. We’ve listened to you, our clients, who aid in the success that is the Traffic Factory platform. Now, it wouldn’t be Christmas if wishes weren’t to be granted… So, it is with great joy that we present to you our new Reservation Process! To begin, it will be important to visit here to see what positions remain available. The new format is based around the principals of a “blind-auction” allowing advertisers to:
  • Place an inquiry for relevant ad placements.
  • In continuing with our self-serve format, you will be guided and informed accordingly for each step.
  • You shall be informed of the estimated impression count for your given budget
  • During the process of the reservation, a recap confirmation message will be shown informing you of the eventualities of the auction end and commencement of the campaign.
  • Once the auction period has closed, an email informing whether you have won or lost the reservation will be sent.
  • Please note this is only available for CPM campaigns
  • You’ll be able to check your reservation status here
Please click this link to be taken to the relevant tutorial for this new reservation process. We sincerely hope you take the time to read over all of the contents and do not hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager if further guidance is needed. From all the team at Traffic Factory, spanning across the globe, we take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!