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One of online advertising’s most debated topics is without doubt regarding what % a typical campaign conversion rate stands at (Apparently, most professionals agree that 1-3% is standard)

If we then take into account Marketing Sherpa announcing that “74% of conversion rate optimization programs increase sales”, the need to make use of specific tools in advertising campaigns to best optimize traffic volume is more than apparent.

Want to optimize your traffic volume and increase that ROI ? Here at TrafficFactory, we have compiled a selection of tips in order to make use of several features available that are sure to help.

Display Rate [only available with CPM]

FACT: The average internet user is served more than 1700 banner ads per month (Source : Comscore)

When we talk about DISPLAY RATE, we are referring to the frequency of distribution between several banners within a set campaign. This frequency is displayed as a ratio with different percentages being allocated to different banners.

Upon setting up your campaign at Traffic Factory, and uploading a variety of banners, a display rate tool is available. This is to allow you to allocate what ratio of views each banner will receive.

For example :

You have 4 banners for your campaigns

Unless you set specific display rates, our system will automatically allocate an equal percentage of traffic to each banner

Banner 1= 25%, Banner 2= 25%, Banner 3= 25% & Banner 4= 25%

Making use of your real-time stats available will show you which banners appear to be working better than others. You can then change the display rate for each banner to be more effective to the wellbeing of your campaign.

Banner 1= 20%, Banner 2= 15%, Banner 3= 40% & Banner 4= 25%

Re-Impression Tool [only available with CPM]

Has your campaign been gaining a good volume of traffic but then there is a sudden drop and the volume has not been fully optimized? If you’ve got a good thing going, why stop ?

As it’s name states, the Re-Impression Tool pretty much allows you to continue with a campaign once its initial run has ended. Additionally, running a CPM based campaign will allow you to use the reimpression tool to increase your volume of traffic and at a preferential rate!

By default, a CPM campaign will receive 1 impression per campaign, per unique user and per session (default session / frequency cap is 8H). By using our re-impression tool, you can decide to redisplay your campaign controlling the volume of re-impression and price. CPM campaigns are re-displayed with or without limitation (upon your choice) and are ranked based on your CPM.

Make use of the Re-Impression Tool, save yourself the hassle of verifying the start and stop times for individual campaigns. Maximize a good and strong campaign that continues to reap you profit!

Frequency Cap [only available with CPM]

FACT: Once a digital banner ad reaches the same user 40 times or + in a month, sales can actually decline (Source : The Advertising Research Foundation)

Getting straight to the subject, is your campaign visible enough on a regular basis? Do you need to make a change to its frequency so that it is viewed more often?

When you set your campaign parameters, a frequency cap option is made available to use. This option dictates how regularly your campaign will be displayed. It should be noted that if you do not make any adjustments to this option, our system will automatically set the frequency to every 8 hours.

How Frequency Cap works:

We will presume that there are two campaigns; Campaign X set at 8h cap and Campaign Y set at 12hrs. cap.

Both campaigns are totally independent of each other.

Campaign X will be re-displayed following the initial 8 hours. This is due to the fact that the maximum bid amount will have come back to its maximum following this initial time period. It’s maximum bid will be higher than that of Campaign Y which is set to return to it’s maximum bid after 12 hours.

It will be important to adjust this option accordingly as you may need to reduce the time set between displays thus optimizing your traffic.

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