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Traffic Factory welcome all our advertisers to the NEW TF Blog, today we have the mission to give you the best tips for PRE-ROLL Ad placement so you can get the best performance for your business.

“Pre-roll Ads work perfectly for branding and Type-ins so get the best from this option considering this guide.”

In this brief article, we will give the most important features a good Pre-roll video “MUST” have:


Make a short video:

People do not want to spend their lives watching a super long video, use the first 5 seconds to give the most relevant information about your product or service and AVOID making the video longer than 10 seconds.


Your website link:

Make your brand and website link ALWAYS VISIBLE with colorful letters and place an arrow pointing where users need to click to be re-directed to your landing page.


Use subtitles:

A smart tip to use pre-roll video is to add subtitles since users often mute their device while surfing tube sites.




Users love to be surprised and to be amused, keep the quality on the highest level and be sure the Ad is creative enough to keep them watching it until the end.


This short guide should give you the attention needed for that CREATIVE and UNIQUE pre-roll campaign.


That’s all on our side and let’s keep in touch for more tricks to make BIGGER your traffic.

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