Continuing on from last month’s selection of Spot Opportunities, the month of June has seen a vast rise of traffic for many ad spots.

Last month’s placements included a host of Tier 1 countries (France, Germany and Italy) with the inclusion of two Tier 2 countries (Japan and Vietnam)

Congratulations to the lucky advertisers who got onboard quickly to take advantage of these spots; significant success was reported back to our Account Manager team.

For those you may have missed last month’s article, here’s a recap of what we consider a Spot Opportunity at Traffic Factory.

What is a “Spot Opportunity”?

Traffic Factory’s definition is an ad spot which potentially receives vast levels of traffic but currently has the least amount of competition. This is a combination of several factors – country, device and ad spot.

Each ad spot has a minimum bid price but the amount that you bid determines the position you obtain. Based on the principles of supply and demand, fluctuations in pricing differ due to the level of competition between advertisers for an ad spot.

So, for the month of June, what do we have to offer?

Current Traffic Factory Spot Opportunities




Similar to last months opportunities, the above results again prove surprising with two Tier-1 countries featured.
It is rare to find a spot opportunity in the Spanish market due to the consistently high levels of advertisers targeting. Do not miss this opportunity to create your advertising campaigns! The square desktop ad spot is visible and we guarantee that you will see the quality of the traffic.
The horizontal desktop spot, for France, is another well-positioned option. We remind our advertisers that this is a good option for the budget-minded CPC advertiser looking for precise clicks and an on-going promotion.
The three Tier-2 countries, Brazil, China and Japan, need no introduction.
Both Brazil and China allow advertisers to target increasingly large populations with high and steady traffic. Financially, both of these countries are from the emerging BRIC countries, with Brazil being a particularly strong source of traffic for our publishers.
Brazil features the footer mobile ad spot as an opportunity so again, the budget conscious CPC based advertiser should jump on this opportunity. But make sure that your creatives are catered to the Brazilian market, the use of Portuguese is a necessity.
Both Japan and China have fantastic opportunities for the desktop square ad spot & native. We remind advertisers of their prominent position beside the users’ video content. Make use of strong and attractive creatives to allow your promotion to stand out. We also remind advertisers to adapt creatives for those particular markets. Language and cultures should be respected.
Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities and to test out markets/ audiences which you would possibly not have entertained in the past.
We guarantee that the results will prove surprising. 

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