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One of the most important and critical decisions when preparing a campaign will be the choice of which particular ad spot to use. Different ad spots will produce different results. Indeed, certain ad spots will appear to be more effective than others due to their prominent visibility but certain factors should be taken into account depending on the aim of the advertiser and their promotion.

Over the coming weeks, we shall demonstrate and explain each of the ad spots available in the Traffic Factory inventory.

The Square Banner Ad Spot

We begin with one of the most traditional and recognisable spots available, the Square banner. This is sometimes labelled as NTV (Next To Video)throughout the advertising world and, as the name says, indicates its prominent position besides the video content of the publisher’s website.

This ad spot is available for both Desktop and Tablet devices via our network. Our usual banner rules apply.

Each time a user watches video contents on our publishers’ websites, two seperate square banners will be shown to the right of the video. Instantaneously shown upon the loading and play of a video, their dominant positioning is hard to miss.

The dimensions of our square banner spots are 338×235. A little uncommon in comparison to other networks but these dimensions prove to be ergonomically fitting to both parties; the user and the advertiser. The spot is efficient in its role of conveying the advertisers promotion (Visibility) whilst maintaining a high quality user experience (Unintrusive).

Considered to be one of the most popular spots in our inventory, advertisers must bear in mind that such a position will logically obtain a higher CTR than the less prominent positions. Taking this into account will be important in choosing the appropriate bidding method (CPC or CPM) whilst running a square banner campaign. 


Whilst choosing which bidding campaign to use, the first question that should be asked is – What is the aim of my campaign? Is it to obtain targeted clicks towards the offer? Or is the campaign being used to build an audience/ convey a particular message in mass? 

The highly visible position of this spot is sure to generate interest and logically, a high number of user clicks (High CTR) should be expected. Obviously, the target filters (Country/ Geo-Fence, Device, Category) chosen will add to the level of visibility of the spot. An example being: A USA desktop square banner should logically generate greater interest than the same banner targeting the Vatican!

So bear in mind your budget allocation for such a spot!

Upon testing this spot, the choice of using the CPM bidding model would be recommended. The advertiser will pay a set price for 1000 impressions of the banner whereas using a CPC model, each click will incur a charge. A high CTR spot will generate a larger amount of clicks thus a larger budget if using CPC. 


  • The use of attractive creatives is important in order to obtain interest from the user. Bear in mind that the user will have selected video content in order for the creative to be shown so its attractiveness is important to grab the attention of the user.
  • The choice of bidding model is important. This is a spot that generates a consistently high CTR so your budget will increase. Test new creatives and campaigns via a CPC model but do not hesitate to revert to a CPM model if the CTR proves to be high!
  • This is a popular spot for the majority of countries so competition with other advertisers will be higher. Minimum bids for each spot are an indication but it should be noted that for the higher positions, advertisers should be prepared to bid significantly higher than the minimum!
  • Currently, certain countries have very good opportunities for the square banner ad spot; there is less competition than usual! Make sure to get in touch with your Account Manager to get a better knowledge of current prices for particular countries.

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