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Being the world’s premium ad network, the need to cater to our worldwide clients requires constant adaptation. The need for precise, safe and international performing payment solutions is not to be underestimated. We understand that from country to country, financial rules and obligations differ. But certain payment factors are common to our extensive worldwide clientele:

  • Safe and reliable payment solutions.
  • Reduced time delays between the payment and crediting of your Traffic Factory account.
  • Low/ reduced payment handling fees.
  • The ease of use of a payment solution/ processor.

Payment Solutions available

Traffic Factory currently offers a selection of different payment solutions to credit your account:

  • Paxum
  • Wire Transfer
  • Vendo
  • Paypal

As previously mentioned, certain factors such as safety, rapidity, low processing fees and ease of use are common to our solutions but how do they differ from each other.

The table below shows the different methods currently used, their delays in payment reception and their fees:

Upon making reference to the table above, the various different methods have been installed in order to cater to our worldwide clientele. Trends show that Paypal remains the preferred method of payment but is this justified?


Similar to Paypal, Paxum offers instantaneous payments to fellow Paxum clients and at the unbelievable rate of $1 (Yes, it’s not a typo… it truly is $1 – the price of a McDonalds Cheeseburger)

An account has to be created with a validation through security and documentation. Paxum accounts can be credited and then easily debited to top-up your Traffic Factory balance.

Wire Transfers

The oldest method of payment available remains Wire Transfers. Low payment processing fees and highly secured transactions remain its focal point whilst time delays will vary. Generally speaking, we advise our clients to use this method of payment with prior anticipation needed. The delays will range from 1-5 business days (Monday-Friday) but can exceed this timescale during busy periods. European based clients should note that this form of payment incurs virtually no charges!


Instantaneous and predominantly used for credit card payments by many of our clients, Vendo claims to be “THE AI BILLER”Account setup is required in a similar manner to Paxum and Paypal. Growing in stature as a preferred method of payment by our advertisers, this method of payment is not automatically offered to all advertisers. To enable this method of payment, please contact your Account Manager for further details.


Who doesn’t know Paypal? Or, who has never used Paypal at least once since its conception over 20 years ago?

Indeed, its instantaneous delay of payment is highly regarded as is its perceived level of security. But who else has awoken to find countless emails of Paypal receipts awaiting them in their inbox? Sometimes for services located on the other side of the world!

Paypal’s popularity is a target for the illegally-mined pioneers of this tech age. The high fees incurred for a Paypal payment are directly correlated to this. Now, we are not saying that through the use of Paypal, the promotion of hackers/ scammers worldwide is aided but due to their high levels of daily and even hourly payment processing, you the consumer are paying the price through high fees!

But if you are still convinced that Paypal is right for you, ask your account manager for further details for this option to be made available.


  • Like with your advertising campaign budget, make sure to calculate the cost of deposits from each of these providers. Small and quick transactions will not occur large processing fees but if depositing large sums – it is imperative that this is taken into account for your global advertising budget.
  • Prior planning and anticipation are paramount for the savvy advertiser out there. Traffic Factory allows you to be notified by email once your account balance reaches a certain threshold. This is customizable in your account. Make use of this to plan ahead if you wish to use a method of payment such as wire transfers or Payoneer (If you don’t already have an account) We can’t stress enough the importance of this as we regularly receive a Friday rush of panicking advertisers who have overlooked their budgets until it’s too late!
  • Don’t put all your eggs into one basket! If you have a Paypal account, make sure to also open a Paxum and Payoneer account too. Paxum isthe most cost-effective when depositing to your Traffic Factory account.  As history has proved, the internet and payment processing solutions are not totally flawless. Imagine needing to deposit your account immediately only to find that the particular service is currently down!

Still undecided or require further information? Don’t worry, your Account Manager will be more than happy to help and advise you on the best method for your particular situation!

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